Future Vision

Dr. Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation ( DJMSHF ) is a 27 year old Hospital built on land provided by the AMC, for building a Hospital to serve the medical needs of the people in the city of Ahmedabad, especially the poor & those of lower middle income.

The Hospital has been fulfilling this responsibility more than satisfactorily during the last 27 years.

In the last 5-10 years, the overall Health Infrastructure has undergone a huge and rapid change with the coming up of Corporate Hospitals or Hospitals set-up by Doctors or Groups of Doctors.

Ideally, DJMSHF should be identified as a Hospital for the masses, which plays a major role in Healthcare with an image of being above the Government Hospitals in cost & closer to the Corporate Hospitals in quality of care.


DJMSHF must be identified as one of the Best Hospitals in Ahmedabad City which provides Excellent Medical Care at Most Affordable Costs.


Your Health, Our Mission
must become the motto of
each & every member of the DJMSHF family.