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HIV & Infectious Disease Care

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Welcome to the HIV & Infectious Disease Care at Dr. Jivraj Mehta Hospital

HIV & Infectious Disease Care – Comprehensive Management and Prevention

Infectious diseases are one of the leading causes of mortality in our country. Our department carries out various activities regarding the prevention and control of infectious diseases. The department undertakes regular surveillance for hospital-acquired infections. This information is then circulated to all the departments to ensure proper antibiotic usage. With the enthusiastic team of infectious disease specialists, HIV specialists, and pediatric disease specialists, supported by microbiology and pathology, we have been managing infectious diseases on scientific principles and evidence-based medicine.

When to Consult Our HIV & Infectious Disease Specialists?

Consulting with our specialists is crucial for the management and prevention of infectious diseases. Whether you need HIV specialists in Ahmedabad or comprehensive care for other infectious diseases, our team is equipped to provide expert care.

Our Expert Team

Our team includes the best HIV & infectious disease specialists:

  • Infectious Disease Specialist:
    • Dr. Kinjal Shah

Comprehensive HIV & Infectious Disease Services in Ahmedabad

We offer a full range of HIV and infectious disease services, including:

  • PUO Diagnostic & Management
  • Other Infectious Disease Management
  • Pediatric Infectious Disease Management
  • Management of HIV Infected Patients
  • Gujarat Prenatal HIV Transmission Prevention Programs
  • Diagnosis, Management & Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Infections
  • Surveillance of Hospital-Acquired Infections

HIV & Infectious Disease Facilities

Our facilities are among the best in Ahmedabad, equipped to handle comprehensive care:

  • Patient Counseling for managing and understanding infectious diseases.
  • Education Programs to educate about infectious diseases, especially HIV.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our HIV specialists in Ahmedabad are dedicated to providing the best care for all infectious diseases. We focus on both prevention and management to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Leading-Edge Technology

We utilize the latest technology in infectious disease care to ensure effective and comprehensive treatment, ensuring optimal outcomes for all patients.

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