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Pulmonology & Critical Care Specialists

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People with life-threatening injuries and illnesses need critical care. Critical care involves close, constant attention by a team of specially-trained health professionals. It usually takes place in an intensive care unit (ICU) or trauma center. Problems that might need critical care treatment include complications from surgery, accidents, heart attack, stroke, infections, severe breathing problems, premature birth, poisoning, gunshot or stabbing wounds, a fall, burns, drug reaction, drug overdose or an industrial accident. At Dr Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation (Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital) we have a dedicated team of critical care specialists to take care of our patients. We have fully equipped critical care units of various specialties. Our intensive care units are of international standards, with ultra modern facilities and infrastructure.

Pulmonology & Critical Care Facilities

  • The latest multipara monitors
  • Invasive and non-invasive homodynamic monitoring
  • The ventilator to bed ratio is an unprecedented 1:2, with an ideal 1:1 nurse to bed ratio
  • Round-the-clock services by qualified Critical Care specialists, Pulmonologists, Anesthetists, Trained nursing and paramedical staff
  • Expertise in handling non-cardiac emergencies like ARDS, acute neurological emergencies, acute ventilator failure, toxicological emergencies, complex electrolyte imbalances, septic shocks, postoperative medical emergencies etc.

Additional features of Pulmonology & Critical Care:

  • Facilities for performing bedside bronchoscopy, portable X-rays, sonography, bedside EFG ABG analysis, echocardiography and dialysis are the major strength of the CCU.
  • Spirometry in troublesome COPDs experiencing respiratory failure and metabolic status monitoring in septicemia are additional novel features for the first time in Gujarat.
Dr. Jivraj Mehta Health Care has over 412 doctors working in over 72 different specialities to cater to patient needs.